So that was Christmas

So it's over, yesterday we took down the tree and cleared out the house ready for the new year that is so suddenly upon us. For some reason this year I just didn't feel all that Christmassy. It may have been the weather has been unusually warm and there were none of those crisp bustley days with hands wrapped round steaming cups of hot chocolate. Perhaps because Theo was in school and the weeks and weekends whizzed by until Christmas week was suddenly upon us, or perhaps it was because we had too many other things to actually think about, post Christmas. 

I tried to make an effort to make this year extra magical for Theo though, as it will be his last as just him and I wanted to make it one he would hopefully remember. For the first time ever I made him an advent calendar, which as well as little treats had Christmas activities in too. We went ice skating, visited Father Christmas, went to the local pantomime for the first time and did a few other festive activities. I hope that he enjoyed them all! 

All in all we stayed pretty close to home over the holidays, missing out on our usual trip across the country to see family and friends as I was a little scared about going into labour and being so far away from home and hospital. But it was actually good to have a break, it forever feels like I'm the one travelling all over the place to see friends, but sometimes you just need to realise your limitations and say no. If it means missing out on seeing people just because I didn't travel then that will have to be. Anyway, so it was different this year, we spent our weekends with little outings and tried to go on a few walks without the weather being totally rubbish, but it did mean that once again I rarely took any photographs. Sometimes though, it all passes in such a blur that you just need to be present to soak it all up. But here are the ones that I did manage - enjoy!


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