The baby wishlist

So it's getting very close to that time. I'm 38 weeks and suddenly it's hit me that this is it, I'm full term, ready to go and that this is the end of my pregnancy. I have to say I'm ready not to be pregnant anymore, walking anywhere of any great distance is pretty hard and the waddle is definitely present. Sleeping is pretty uncomfortable and I've suddenly realised how big I am. When I've been out and about I've definitely noticed those sideways glances and some slightly afraid looking people like I might suddenly go into labour then and there.

Last week we had our last hospital appointment, and I'm relieved to say that all is looking ok. The original heart problem is still looking likely but I think the cardiologist ruled out the other problem that they were unsure of. The size of the baby is still slightly larger than average, but not of any great concern. I am still set to go into natural labour and go up to my due date. Even so I have an induction booked for a few days after my due date, which ideally I don't want to get to. I have an appointment with the midwife booked for a sweep next week, which if Theo is anything to go by, could kick start the labour. Scary hey?

So as Christmas has now quickly disappeared we're on full get ready for baby mode. My hospital bag is now packed, and I've just finished sorting through the mountain of baby clothes that we retrieved from the loft (and were kindly washed and ironed by my mum!) and put them away in the drawers. The little spare room has started to be transformed into a sort of nursery, even though we're not entirely sure what's going to happen when we do finally bring baby home. We've not yet sorted out a cot or co-sleeper and I'm not sure what the baby will need just yet so that is probably going to be something we sort at a later point. On boxing day I had a huge manic urge to sort through all of the kitchen cupboards and clear out things we don't need, today Theo's room and toys is on the hit list and Rob is currently being set to work repainting our bathroom. Nesting much? 

We've had to stock up on a few new items for the baby as when he's in hospital, after surgery he'll require clothes that will enable easy access to his chest. Luckily H&M make lovely front opening vests, which I can imagine he'll be living in when in hospital. We're also not sure what is happening with his feet, but from doing research it looks as though he may be put in leg casts to help manipulate the feet into the correct position. Again I'm not entirely sure what is going to happen, but in terms of clothes this may mean he will only fit into loose footless leggings. It's funny how much to you take for granted when shopping for normal baby clothes, and even though I've not done too much there has had to be some more consideration on what we will actually need. But of course that hasn't stopped me from making wish lists and pinning to my baby board. (You can find all links for products above there!) 

So as much as I'm trying to relax and just enjoy this last bit of time with our little family of three (more on that soon!) I feel like we're in full baby preparation mode, and above all I'm pretty excited to meet him! 


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