Postcards from Devon part two

 photo IMG_4540_zpscqhutxgw.jpg

So it's been quiet once again whilst I catch my breath from all the travelling we've been doing. I've been revelling at being quiet and getting back into normal routine and trying to sort out the many many bits of life admin and catching up with friends. 

I've been sorting through the back log of photographs from the last month, and as you can guess there's quite a few! Looking back over this set of photographs makes me feel calm and slightly peaceful, as the sea itself does. It's amazing the pull the sea can have, even through an image. So I'd thought I'd share them here with you, whether they have the same effect on you or not! 

 photo IMG_4381_zpsi5sjfw6u.jpg
 photo IMG_4462_zpstc5oz4po.jpg
 photo IMG_4383_zpsxuwo3huh.jpg
 photo IMG_4465_zpsqneynkb7.jpg
 photo IMG_4469_zpsdyrkj0pf.jpg
 photo IMG_4481_zpsykkb2tan.jpg
 photo IMG_4474_zpsoec6ddsf.jpg
 photo IMG_4466_zps9zpivtbd.jpg
 photo IMG_4493_zpsjdxmegf3.jpg
 photo IMG_4504_zpsjd8wssdl.jpg
 photo IMG_4509_zpscehzkpjc.jpg
 photo IMG_4508_zpsw6br5aoj.jpg
 photo IMG_4521_zpstuceaby8.jpg
 photo IMG_4506_zpsepq9rqmx.jpg
 photo IMG_4511_zpsqc9yuyhc.jpg
 photo IMG_4518_zpsaolkdf4e.jpg
 photo IMG_4526_zpsbiqjuesy.jpg photo IMG_4523_zpshiolb9kd.jpg
 photo IMG_4546_zpsssbgph9r.jpg
 photo IMG_4543_zpsyrjirsu9.jpg
 photo IMG_4552_zpsdekgz8eb.jpg
 photo IMG_4594_zpsrnxqzgra.jpg
 photo IMG_4579_zps7uxvrr9h.jpg
 photo IMG_4551_zpstzijpcox.jpg
 photo IMG_4550_zpswaicxxjo.jpg
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