Holding onto memories

So a month or so ago I attended the Clarks press day in London, and fell in love with about 50 different pairs of shoes that pretty much have to be mine for Autumn/winter! But what really stole my heart were the selection of kids shoes for next season, and as usual the range is bright, stylish and beautiful! But it's just dawned on me that the next pair of shoes we buy for Theo are most likely going to be for school, meaning saying goodbye to the bright and the colourful in favour of something a little more school like. I'm sure we'll manage to find something though, and still look a little stylish! But here are a few of my favourites:

I love choosing Theo's new seasons shoes for him, and I remember as a child going through the ritual of having your feat measured and choosing your new school shoes at Clarks...my favourite of course being magic step shoes (which I long for them to bring back in adult sizes!) I feel like it's going to be an emotional day when it's Theo's turn for the first time!

I did get me thinking about all of the previous pairs of shoes that we've held on to, including his first pair stored away in a little box in the loft. I'm pretty bad when it comes to getting sentimentally attached to things, and we have boxes and bags bursting with Theo's old clothes, shoes and toys in the loft. I just can't seem to get rid of things, as they hold too many memories for me and we never know whether we'll want to use them again. It seems so long ago that he was just a wriggly little baby who fitted into these sweet baby grows...broody much?! When we moved we did try and have a sort out of all things we'd held onto and we're in desperate need of doing a car boot sale to get rid of some of the baby items that we thought we might need but didn't or got about a weeks use out of. Luckily most of it was hand-me-downs or second hand so I won't feel to bad about letting it go for cheap!

I think that's the problem with your first baby, you go a little over board and buy things that you probably don't need 'just in case'. I think what our problem was, was that we really didn't make a plan or go and look at much. I think a good idea, especially for first time parents is to go to a showroom like the Online 4 baby showroom near Manchester and check out all that is on offer, before you settle on one thing. I know we made that mistake with a pram first time around, and didn't really do any research into different types, and settling for the first thing we saw only to regret it 3 months down the line. I didn't know my bugaboo from baby jogger or my i-candy to red-kite...I think that's the thing as there's so many different brands from well known ones like Maclaren, Silver cross, Bugaboo, Cosatto  as well less well known such as Joolz, chicco, Stokke, Clair de Lune and Uppababy. All falling into viarous different price ranges. It's a bit of a minefield and if you don't do your research or test them out in person it can be a waste of money if you get something you're not happy with. 

So I think the point I'm trying to make is, to avoid being left with an attic full of stuff you don't need perhaps it's best to choose wisely so you're left with space to store the things you do want to keep, like the first shoes and some favourite toys. 

Now to get sorting!

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