eighteen / fifty - two

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So I'm not going to lie and say that our week in Barcelona has been a relaxing holiday. Behaviour has been difficult and tempers have been short. It's the type of thing where once you get into that cycle it's hard to break, and now I feel guilty that I haven't been as patient as I could have been. I think we're both tired, there's been so much travelling around and emotions flying around that I think it's finally taking its toll. It's a shame as I think I had such  high expectations for this to be a lovely little trip just me and the boy, spending quality time together before he starts school. I guess when you put so much onto something it sometimes makes it hard to enjoy it for what it is. But we have had good moments, exploring the museums together and standing at the top of the city looking down at the lives below us as well as of course spending precious time with my sister and borja. Tomorrow we fly home and I'm hoping the next few weeks we can push the reset button and get back into our normal routines. 

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