Adventures from Kent

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I seemed to have lost a little of my blogging mojo (if that's what you call it). It often goes this way, for a few months I seem to have lots I want to write about and share but then suddenly real life takes over and I find it hard to get back into the groove. So forgive me if there's only been reels of photographs of recent adventures but I feel I need to go through the back catalogues and get them cleared before I can move on. I don't know why I always apologise for these sorts of posts, because surely if you're here and have been a reader of this blog for a while and keep coming back then perhaps you're the type of person who doesn't mind such posts and even expect it (and dare I say enjoy them?!) should I just get on with it without this massive preamble? Perhaps I should...

Over the Easter holidays you may remember we became slightly stranded in Kent whilst visiting my sister. What was supposed to be a quick weekend stop became a three or four day mini holiday whilst we waited for my car to be fixed. On a bright but ridiculously windy day we headed out to north Kent coast line, through Margate and on into Ukip land (good job not voting Ukip, though Thanet). I seriously love this coastline with the famous white chalk cliffs and beautiful little seaside towns like Broadstairs, and wide beaches to explore. So after our jaunt around Margate we headed over to a pretty secluded beach called Botany Bay. Had it not been so windy it would have been glorious, but all the same the wide sands and rocky coast was pretty inviting and we stayed a while watching the wind lift the sand off the surface and make it dance across it in mesmerising patterns. The dog and the child were let loose and I looked on as Theo dashed into the sea and climbed on rocks and cliffs. We eventually called it a day when the wind had battered our heads enough and headed back to the car for the post beach sleepy drive home I remember so well from my childhood. 

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