New season homeware lusting: an ice cream palette

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So those of you who know me in person will know of my ever so slight obsession with the colour pink. I'm not sure when it crept in, but it did and I'm pretty sure it's here to stay FOREVS. When I was young I wasn't really a very girly girl (other than about a six months or so of my childhood where I refused to wear anything other than party dresses) and definitely as a teenager was a "punk rock chick" (that phrase makes me heave a little!) and the only pink I wore was a t-shirt saying "barbie sucks", cool I know. 

So anyway, now as an adult and as someone who is fully behind the whole gender neutral kids clothing thing, I have seem to have fallen for pink. Well maybe not just pink, but all pastels. And grey, can't forget grey. Give me mint, lilac, sky blue, peach, yellow and pistachio. I'll take them all, and if they resemble ice cream colours, even better! 

So I thought I'd put together a little list of all the wonderful ice cream inspired beauties floating around that have caught my eye. I WANT THEM ALL. 

ice cream colours

1- Sunjellies // 2 - The Whitepepper // 3 - Le Creuset // 4 - Smug // 5 - Kanken // 6 - MT tape // 7 - Frankie magazine //  8 - Scholten & Baijings via Smug // 9 - Hay // 10 - Kitchenaid

Lots of these products literally made me squeal when I found that they had made all my (materialistic) dreams come true and made items in my favourite shades, notably Sunjellies, Kanken and Le Creuset. The others are all classic and beautiful. Oh and The White Pepper, you never seem to fail me. Every season. I love you. 


  1. I'm exactly the same - other than a few months when I was nine or ten and only wanted to wear pink, I've always preferred bright colours or I've been going through a black-white-and-red punky phase. Where my sudden fondness for pale colours has come from, I don't know!

  2. hah I'm glad someone else feels the same!


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