An easter egg hunt!

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So now that easter has been and gone and hopefully most of the chocolate has been shoved in your face I thought I'd share our little easter egg hunt we had whilst down in Devon. Theo was away with my mum over the actual bank holiday weekend and by all accounts went on a few different hunts but hey what's one more basket of chocolate?!

We visited a perfect little woodland with a babbling stream, bridges and plenty of tree roots for hunting out the chocolate! We used this Gold bunny story book by Lindt as our treasures which I thought was perfect for our woodland setting.

Even though we're not religious and don't celebrate the christian holiday it's still lovely to get involved. We like to talk about the start of spring and the symbolism of new life and rebirth in the form of the egg and rabbit. But to a child it's really all about the chocolate isn't it? Theo's excitement was something I remember so well from my childhood, of finding little bunny footprints painted on the floor, following clues and of course finding all the chocolate!

I made a little video of our hunt, and of course took lots of photographs...

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