St.Fagans part two

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Seeing as the warm spring weather has gone into hiding once more I thought I'd post these in an attempt to coax it back out. Please come back, we really did enjoy the time spent frolicking over logs and through the forest, eating picnics and feeling the warm sun on our cheeks.

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 photo 67_zps3k4xhlpv.jpg photo 54_zpsvkmjmjne.jpg
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 photo 75_zpsfgbdntr5.jpg photo 46_zpsngzuzsy6.jpg
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 photo 90_zpschnc1ph6.jpg
 photo 84_zpszntjhbhi.jpg
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 photo 33_zpsukd4zuue.jpg
 photo 86_zps5jc2udct.jpg photo 77_zps9x80szqc.jpg
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  1. These photos are amazing! What camera do you use?
    It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love his little jumper too :)

  2. I love love love Theo's jumper, that kid is so well dressed! St Fagan's looks so good, I'd love to visit sometime x

  3. Such amazing photos - love all the jumping shots! x

  4. Gorgeous pictures - I love those old fashioned slot machines. We always loved them when we went to Wookey Hole as kids.

  5. It looks absolutely beautiful there, and love your photos x

  6. Oh I just love all of that old packaging!

  7. I know! I always wish shops were still like this, I could spend all day in there!

  8. Thank you, it is such a lovely place I just need to go more often!

  9. We stumbled upon this little fair ground, and it was so pleasing! Much better than the tack nowadays (which I do secretly love too!)

  10. Thank you! We literally spent half an hour there watching him go round and round!

  11. Hah thank you! It's all down to Donna Wilson! It's definitely worth a visit!

  12. Thank you so much! I use a Canon 5d! It was such a perfect Spring day!

  13. Gorgeous photos, love your outfit too! x

  14. can i have theos jumper please? haha! love these photos, and love st. fagans :)

  15. hah I constantly wish I had some of his outfits! Thank you!

  16. aw thanks! I'm trying to get the guts to feature myself and outfits a little more!

  17. I just love it there. My biggest kid has that lovely Donna Wilson jumper too.


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