Our half term in pictures

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So whilst I probably complained a little, and I certainly feel a bit drained, we did have a really good half term. I quite enjoyed having our days free to go on adventures a little further, or not having to rush back for nursery in the afternoon. Here's a little glimpse into our half term. You may or may not have seen that we added some new members to our family last weekend, two lovely rabbits named Digger and Marble. They live outside but whilst it's a little wet and we haven't built a run they are coming inside to have their exercise, and of course lots of cuddles!

Theo and I ventured into town one sunny afternoon, with hints of Spring in the air we wandered down to the docks to cross the fog bridge and into @bristol for an afternoon of exploring. We then walked to town to meet Rob for a family cinema date to see Big Hero 6, safe to say there wasn't a dry eye between us and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We ended the evening with a pizza and a very tired boy on the bus home.

Later in the week we visited Dyrham park once more to get a dose of fresh air and for a brief ten minutes got caught in a hail/sleet/snow storm! Probably our only glimpse of snow this year, but it was exciting all the same. 

In the end it flew by, and this week we're back to the routine of nursery days. I know I'll regret putting this in writing, but I'm actually looking forward to the Easter holidays...

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bristol fog bridge
 photo IMG_1967_zpsfyzd2nyb.jpg photo IMG_1982_zps4cskdf1u.jpg
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bristol fog bridge
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 photo IMG_1978_zpsuhhvc81v.jpg
 photo IMG_1962_zps0ru45sgw.jpg photo IMG_1995_zpsadyij9bf.jpg

 photo IMG_1999_zpsouadbdm6.jpg
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 photo IMG_2006_zps0kct58i1.jpg
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 photo IMG_2002_zpsowxczkzk.jpg


  1. Gorgeous pics as usual. I need to make sure I make more of our time off together. x

  2. I love your photography, amazing captures x


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