five / fifty - two

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The week the boy turned four. This birthday hit me harder than any of the others, my boy definitely no longer my baby. We had a busy week with a mini tea party at our house and visitors and outings over the weekend.

Joining in with Jodi


  1. That is such a gorgeous photo. 4 seems so big! Happy Birthday little dude x

  2. Happy 4th giving birth day. :) Mine will be four in June and I can definitely see it in her limbs and the things she says - babyhood is being left behind.

  3. I know just what you mean - I found the 4th birthday in September pretty hard to deal with - they change so much between 3-4

    Laura x

  4. Ah Happy Birthday T! Cherry was four last November and just seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day, it's crazy! Hope he had a lovely day xx

  5. I know what you mean about the loss of babyhood. Happy belated birthday! x


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