South of the river

A few days after Christmas ready to get out the house and walk off some of the christmas feasting we took a stroll around the docks and Southville. In an attempt to bribe my sister to come and live in Bristol we wanted to show them as many different places that we could and win them over. I'm pretty sure Southville did the trick as we walked around admiring the views, buildings, atmosphere and stopping for a coffee in the wonderful Tobacco factory. 

It's not often that we go south of the river in Bristol, but we love it when we do. I love discovering places I don't know so well too, and always make promises to visit more often. 


  1. Great photographs...I love exploring new places too, you often don't get to appreciate the back ends and hidden treasures until you make the time to set off on foot and explore xx

  2. Beautiful beautiful photos, I especially love the lamppost shot. Ah, I miss Bristol, such a lovely city xx

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love the pipe one! Makes me want to move back to Briz x

  4. Gorgeous photos you really should be selling them on society 6 or something. I haven't strolled around that end of two for a whole but now I think we'll head over. X

  5. I love your little boy's posing, he's so cute and the colour pops amongst the bleak winter. Great photos and how ace to be able to see a Banksy up close! x

  6. Such beautiful photography as always and your little man is growing up so fast!! I studied in Bristol and would love to live there - wouldn't take much to persuade me :)

    Laura x


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