Happy birthday!

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Just popping in to document, to reminisce about this day four years ago when he was just a tiny bundle in our arms. 

Oh how you've grown, changed and learnt. How you've made us laugh, astonished and wonder. How our hearts have swelled with pride and love, how you've made us discover new depths of patience and understanding and how you've loved us back. 

You are filled with confidence, ideas and questions. You are kind and understanding, but definitely stubborn and in control. You want to explore and push every button (literal and figurative). You are a true character with so much to give and so many stories to tell. We hope we can continue to support your charm and character and see you bloom. 

My heart swells when you proclaim you love me and plant kisses on my cheek, and I hope that you never stop needing me and I remain thankful that I am still your best friend. 

Happy birthday sweet boy, I will cherish this year. The last year where you are still my baby. 

p.s see how he's grown below! 

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  1. Beautiful photo! I hope your boy has had a fantastic birthday x


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