A Christmas day family walk

Over the Christmas holidays we seemed to be blessed with the perfect winter weather. Clear skies, frosty mornings and bitingly cold at some points. Which with the exception of snow, its the perfect weather for Christmas. On Christmas day itself we made sure we scheduled in a walk between all the face stuffing, to you know, make extra room and it was lovely to get out.

After some breakfast and present opening (we can't wait in our house!) we left Rob at home in charge of cooking the feast and set out to a firm favourite for a shortish walk, Snuff Mills. We were last here in the late Autumn when the trees were alive with colour, so it was interesting to go back in the winter to see the differences. We let the boy and the pup let off steam and have a proper run around, chasing with big sticks and climbing over the fallen trees. Everyone was jolly and wished you merry christmas as you passed, before being eventually drawn back home to get cosy and full. 

Our day was quiet, but lovely not to have to travel and still filled with family. I know it's a bit late, but how about you? Was it busy/quiet full of travel or close to home? 


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