So long 2014!

So we've made it! Tonight we celebrate and bring in the new year and reflect about the year that we've had. It's time to think about what needs work and changes we want to make and a time to be positive about our plans and goals for the new year. 

This year has been a funny one, with great highs and lows, but I think what I've taken from it is that I need to learn to relax and just love a little more. As cheesy as it sounds I feel I need to be easier on myself and the others around me, to believe in myself and also to let others in a little more. 

So for now, other than boring practical money resolutions etc that is one thing I'm going to try and concentrate on this. What about you? What plans do you have for the new year, and what needs a little encouragement?  

Hope you have a good one and there's plenty of glitter and laughter! 


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