Getting ready for christmas

So as the festive season is very nearly upon us...who am I kidding it's here already isn't it?! But anyway, as of today it is officially December, so the decorations and the glitter can finally be released all over the place.

I'm actually really excited this year, and despite some of the ugly side of consumerism splashing itself about already (I'm looking at you "black friday"). I've really enjoyed thinking about presents that I want to gift to my family this year. Its given me an excuse to visit some new local shops such as the delightful Papersmiths in Bristol, and to make lists and pin pretty things to boards on pinterest (no change there then). I've shared with you some gift ideas, and will probably be throwing a few more your way in the next few weeks! 

But the real reason I'm excited is because we are spending Christmas in our own home for the first time. It's been an exciting journey these past few months, and I really feel like our house is coming together now and what a better excuse to show it off, than to have people come and celebrate with us in it. I hope our home will be cosy and welcoming this winter! We're getting a Christmas tree delivered tomorrow and I can't wait for it to arrive so we can begin to decorate the house. Then it will officially feel like Christmas. Theo's not letting me forget that I've promised he can finally have a chocolate coin once the tree goes up, since I reasoned with him in the supermarket, and I can't wait to bust out our collection of Lindt Christmas chocolate to share with our friends and family (even though I've got my eye on this bear to eat in secret!)

My sister is journeying all the way from Barcelona, with partner and pup in tow to celebrate Christmas with us, and we're making a quick dash East to visit friends and family on my birthday (the 23rd folks!). Then hopefully a visit from my other sister for New year celebrations. I can't wait! One day dear sisters we will celebrate the day all in one place, miss you. 

Have you all made your Christmas plans yet? Do you end up travelling round the country or are you staying put this year?

Top image found here and the second found in our family photo albums.


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