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Taken today on our first real outing this week. Theo's been under the weather on and off all week, but with a weekend planned in Devon we made our way down. I've felt bad for him, as always when he's suffering and my heart broke a little yesterday when we found a wishing well and told him to make a wish. He threw the coin in and we heard him quietly say "I wish that I didn't feel sick anymore". 

Today he was better (perhaps his wish came true?) and we made our way to a local garden centre type place, with its own miniature railway to visit father christmas in his grotto. We also met this glorious barn owl and he was fascinated. He held her and remembered to stroke with the back of his hand and the look on his face the whole time was priceless. 


  1. Oh he's such a sweetie! I'm probably late on this one, but I love love love your header!! <3

  2. So cute - what an amazing place!
    Henry was ill most of last week and then he went to stay with my Mum and Dad, my Mum had to bring him home early as he was crying for me and feeling ill. Felt so bad!


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