Devon part two

A few more photos from our trip to Devon a few weekends ago. We set out on a mission on the Sunday to visit Father Christmas as it was likely to be our only chance to do so. We decided to visit a strange favourite as ours, Trago Mills. There's not one word really to describe what Trago is; a garden centre, an adventure park, a department store, as its all of those rolled into one, with a miniture railway, a model railway, arcades, rides and an animal farm thrown in too. One thing I do know is that it would be the first place we'd visit if there was a zombie apocalypse, they literally have everything in there that you would need to survive! 

Anyway I'm getting sidetracked. The weather was cold, but even so we waited in a queue for an hour or so , like the good British people we are and tried not to grumble when we could no longer feel our toes, to ride the miniature train to see Father Christmas. I think the excitement kept Theo going, and as we finally boarded the train the smile that spread across his face was well worth the wait. It was a sweet experience for us all! 

We spent the rest of the time looking in the shop, visiting the model railway, meeting some owls and having a play on some rides before the sun disappeared and the cold became too much the bear! 


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