A wintery weekend

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having my dear cousins visiting for the weekend. Every year we see each other at Christmas and vow to make it a more than once a year occasion, but more likely than not months go by and our busy lives take over and we all never quite manage those visits! I feel pretty lucky to have cousins who I feel like if I met them in real life (outside of being my family) then I would definitely be friends with them. So when they asked me to take a few photographs of them for presents and of course come and visit, I was delighted! 

On Sunday we decided to fit in a Christmassy activity with Theo and all try ice skating, it seemed like a good idea in theory, but in reality I'd forgotten how much I don't really enjoy it (I think it's the fear of falling and having my fingers sliced off!) but it was actually really fun! Theo had a go with one of the push along penguins, and despite not being for under 5s did really well and really enjoyed himself. Then Rob and Sam showed off with their confident skating whilst the rest of us clung to the edge for dear life! 

We walked around the docks, stopping for pizza at the Stable, warming ourselves with mulled cider. It was lovely catching up properly before the craziness of Christmas and made me realise how good it is to make the effort to see each other more often. 


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