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Today I braved the start of the Christmas shopping and headed to the shops to see what they had on offer. I don't really tend to do my present shopping in big retail stores, preferring to support local business's or online boutiques, but it's nice to go and have a look and see all the pretty things on offer. But whilst in John Lewis a few items caught my eye, all from the House collection. The colours, designs and style are exactly my taste, and every new item I saw I cooed and lusted over them! The prices are pretty reasonable for most of the items, and I generally feel that John Lewis products are usually pretty great quality. There are so many items I've added to my wish list, but here are just a few! So you know if anyone wants to buy me any for Christmas I wouldn't be disappointed! 

Items from clockwise:

Bowls // Wire wastepaper basket // Throw // Coffee Table // Mug // Wallpaper 

This isn't a sponsored post, I really do love them! 


  1. Oj pretty much want everything you've pointed out! Off to do some online shopping! x

  2. Grey / yellow / white are the colours of my living room, so i'll take them all!!


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