A family walk

Over the weekend we had lots of visitors, a mile long list of errands and a day of DIY planned. After a busy morning spent tackling Ikea, our friends arrived for a catch up. We played hide and seek, ate lunch and waited for my dad to arrive for the weekend. An hour or two later with a slightly over crowded house and an over excited child we decided to make the most of the appearance of the late afternoon sun and jump in the car to travel the short distance to Snuff Mills. 

We haven't returned here since the beginning of the year, when I actually very first started this slightly neglected project. But I can assure you that the wait was worth it, to see the woodland in its Autumnal glory, with the Beech, Hazel and Oak bringing in the last of the seasonal colours. The ground was carpeted with thick hues of orange, brown, red and yellow, and the bare black barked trees contrasted with those with leaves still clinging to their branches. We climbed on logs, watched the river flow, dropping sticks for races and petted dogs along our way. Soon the sun started to dip behind the trees, and the low mist rolled in as we made our way back to the car, as we left perfectly contented once more to have some fresh air in our lungs.


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