so long September

As the dark evenings draw in and a sudden chill to the air catches us off guard, I suddenly realise that the long awaited Autumn is definitely here and we have to say so long to the long summer days for another year. 

I know I have been one to complain about the hot muggy weather we had of late, but I am going to miss the Summer. It's been a good one and we've been treated to many a long, cloudless day, where we can leave the house in just single layers. There's no fuss with coats and hats and we will miss those days picnicking under the shade of great leafy trees. But all things must end, and I know that we have packed our Summer full of good memories, and knowledge that next year will be just as good. 

So here are a few photographs from the last of our Summer days, spent on days out with trains and gallivanting around the centre of Bristol. 

So long Summer, see you next year! 


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