Postcards from Scotland 7

So I've done it, I've reached the very last set of photographs from our holiday to Scotland. Yes I took a lot of photographs, and yes I'm slow at getting round to sharing. But holidays aren't all about coming home and sharing all the memories straight away for me, its about savouring them over the months and reliving moments that may have faded from your memory slowly over time. 

We spent our last day in the cottage hiding from the rain in the morning before packing up a picnic of leftovers and heading out towards Loch Lomond for our final adventure. As the rain ceased the heavy clouds clung to the tops of the hills and the mist rolled over, and we even caught glimpses of sunshine through the breaks. Unsure of a destination and with no real plan in mind, we travelled around the lochs and through villages, some touristy, some not. Around lunchtime we decided to stop and found a lochside road stop, where we ate lunch and investigated. We were so glad we did, as we found little coves and secluded pebble beaches with clear water lapping at the edge. The sun found its way out through the clouds, and it wasn't long before the pup and the boy ventured in. The views were spectacular, and perfectly ended our love affair with Scotland. 

The next day we packed up our things and left our sweet cottage on the side of the hill and drove to Dunoon to take the ferry across the loch this time. On the other side at Gourock, we stopped at a funny open air heated swimming pool, and dared to walk in the freezing rain to the pool in our costumes for a swim. The water was salt from the loch, and a very strange experience! We stayed as long as we could bear it before warming ourselves at a cosy cafe for lunch. Then our long drive down through Scotland towards Cheshire began, staying in a hotel for the night, before heading to our last treat of the holiday...a day at Alton Towers! 


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