A family walk

So I thought it was about time I brought back this feature! Can you tell I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging? There's something about the summer months that make me just want to step away from the computer, but now its over it's time to reignite my relationship and get back to work! 

Skip back a month or so to when only the first hints of Autumn were upon us, and to when my dad came to visit us for the day. We started the Sunday like most Sundays should, with a roast dinner, then headed out to the Avon Valley railway to take the boy on his beloved steam trains. 

Rob and I stayed on the platform to enjoy a cream tea, whilst the others rode the train up and down the line. Once they'd had their fill of trains, and us of scones we decided a walk was in order to make the most of the good weather and light. 

Driving home we came across signs for Willsbridge Mill, a new discovery for me, but bringing back nostalgic memories for Rob as a child. We parked and headed for the woods, stopping to pick some just ripe blackberries before heading through the trees. The woods were alive with birdsong and we spotted a huge horse chestnut which began our hunt for conkers this year. We carried our treasures along the path until we came to the mill and stream. The clear shallow water tempted us to take off our shoes and paddle in the chilly water. We stayed until our toes were numb and the evening was drawing in, and finally headed home. 


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