Postcards from Scotland 5

It seems only fitting to perhaps post these set of photographs. They are perhaps my favourite from our whole trip and the most perfect end to a perfect day spent soaking up this beautiful country.

So yesterday Scotland voted no to independence, and even though a little of me feels disappointed that such a momentous moment in history didn't quite happen for those who wanted it, I am glad that we still remain United. For to lose Scotland from our fair isles would be a great shame. Not just for the beauty, but for the people and the passion. I'm proud of a Nation that stands up for what they believe, for when given the chance, so many want to have their say and to believe that this will all encourage change for the future, in a positive way. So without being too political, I just wanted to say I'm thankful and proud for peaceful democracy, that isn't of course without it's faults but that hopefully works.

These photographs were taken after our trip to the beach, whilst on the Island of Bute. After a delicious pub dinner and local ale we started our trip back to the cottage winding our way back once more around the Lochs and through the hills. As we rounded a corner a huge inviting hill came into view, and with a split second decision I pulled over into a lay by and we decided to burn off some dinner and climb to the top to see the view. A we were not disappointed. We climbed through the bracken, lay on the heather and admired the reaching views across the joining bodies of water. 


  1. It is truly beautiful. I hope that one day I will be able to visit Scotland. The people and the beauty of Scotland is overwhelming. I, too, am glad Scotland voted no. I couldn't imagine it any other way.

  2. Your photographs are so beautiful!

  3. Such stunning pictures and to think you can have all this beauty in the UK. x

  4. fantastic photos - looks so beautiful there x

  5. Lovely post and very beautifully put, both in words and in images. x

  6. The scenery is so stunning - I love the pictures of Theo in the ferns - beautiful lighting and photography :)

    Laura x


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