05 September 2014

Postcards from Scotland 4

So it doesn't always rain in Scotland, and when it doesn't then a beach is always a good idea. 

I've longed to explore the coast lines of Scotland, and other than taking the trip as far north as I could get and ferrying myself over to Orkney and Shetland Islands a few years ago, the urge is still very much there. Where we were staying was not so much the coastline, but nestled amongst the great lochs such as Loch Lomand and Loch Long providing us with stunning views. But to search out a beach we took a drive to a small island called Bute. 

With our car packed with all the necessities for a day on the beach we travelled over the hills and around the great expanses of water on newly surfaced roads iced like great wedding cakes. The scenery unfolded, and held us in awe as every corner we turned provided us with more stunning scenery. We arrived at a small ferry crossing and with excitement of the memory of childhood ferry rides we boarded the car ferry. A short drive on the other side and we reached our destination of Ettrick Bay. The calm water glistened in the sun as we gazed out to the horizon with the peaks of the Isle of Arran in the distance. We spent the day as you would expect, we picnicked, built sand castles, ate ice cream and relaxed. The water itself was so calm and shallow that we could take a slightly water nervous three year old out far away from the beach and rebuild some confidence. We spotted tiny fish and crabs swimming through the clear water and later as the tide receded we searched in the pools and rocks that it left behind. 

It's hard to pick just one day out of the holiday, but if pushed I'd say that this was my favourite. My mum and Andy met us on their own trip to Scotland, and it felt good to be out exploring this beautiful place. As the day wore on to evening the dogs were let off leads and we watched as they bounded over the sand and through the water with sheer delight. If there was ever to be a perfect beach day, then I think we might have come very close. We left feeling happy with a warm glow, perhaps from our slightly pinked skin. 

We also were very happy to have a chance to test out Theo's new swimwear from Sunuva, which provided a UPV 50+ to protect his skin. We loved the design, and luckily for you they are currently in the sale! And his jellies made for the perfect rock pool searching accessory! 

We were sent the swimwear as a gift for review, but all words and thoughts are my own! 


  1. I've loved this series. You've captured your family holiday so beautifully and inspired me to get better at taking pictures for my blog. I also now desperately want to visit Scotland! What a gorgeous place!! x

  2. Love all of this post, the descriptive writing and your photos are as always beautiful and I can imagine myself there. Also how cute is that crab!? Also must meet up soon. x

  3. What a gorgeous beach, you've made me really want to visit Scotland! x

  4. ahh, this is all so lovely. definitely need to go to scotland some day!

  5. That coastline is spectacular! I don't think there's anything my kiddos love more than a day at the beach. It completely absorbs them doesn't it? Lovely photos as ever x

  6. Wow how amazing is the weather - some of my best beach pictures are from the West Coast of Scotland with it's stunning clear blue sea. There really is something magical about Scotland and we are planning a trip for next year (mainly inspired by your photos :)

    Laura x

  7. That pic of Theo and Rob is lovely! x


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