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I've been spending slightly more time in the bedroom these past few weeks, because of sickness, tiredness, hibernating and because it makes me feel happy. My bed has become my space for healing and hiding away from the world outside. As Autumn approaches it needs to be cosy and comfortable. 

When we moved into our new house, our focus was the make the bedrooms as liveable as possible, whilst we sorted out the rest of the house. Even if that meant not having a kitchen for a few months and unpainted walls and floors downstairs. The decor wasn't exactly to our taste and we wanted a clean look, but ultimately the bedroom still needs to be warm and cosy. I'd say that our bedroom is used most often at the moment, whilst we finish up the living room. I use it to do my work, watch tv, have morning cuddles with Theo, read books, play games and to of course sleep. I enjoy spending time here.

Here are a few photographs of the transformation of the room, starting with the previous owners room. 

We ripped up the carpet, painted over the old yellow, painted the floor boards, cupboard and door. Even though it's smaller than our previous rooms, it feels bright and airy thanks to the white. There's still lots to do, such as pictures, shelves and unpacking more of our less functional but pretty things, but it's getting there! 

One great addition to the room has been a much lusted over item for me. We were lucky enough to be sent a set of lights from Cable and Cotton. They have totally transformed the room and make it cosy and inviting. We choose the Marshmallow set, complete with  set of hand crafted orbs that glow in the most pleasing pastel colours. When unlit they create a row of beautiful hanging woven lanterns and when lit they create a warm glow, framing the bed. I love them! 

p.s sorry some of the photos are bad quality, some were captured on my phone! 

We were sent the set of lights c/o Cable and Cotton for the purpose of this review, but I really do love them (and have for some time!) so all words are my honest opinion! 


  1. Lovely! Isn't it amazing what a lick of white paint can do. And the lights really give off a cosy glow. I must get some. Also love that botanical bed linen x

  2. These lights are everywhere at the moment and I can see why, they're lovely! A really lovely & cosy room - what a transformation!

  3. Amazing how a bit of clean white really freshens up a room, looks like a lovely space.


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