Ah Greenman, my favourite festival of them all. Returning this year for my fourth visit, and with Rob and Theo in tow this year meant it was going to be different from all the rest. 

We set off from Bristol on Thursday evening, taking the scenic routes over the mountains with views that were competing to those of our recent Scottish adventure. We luckily missed the earlier downpours over the festival, but ended up setting up the tent in the dark...not so ideal. But we eventually made our beds and tucked in, adjusting to the colder air and sleeping outside. 

We awoke bright and early (waaay to early) the next morning and explored our camp. We journeyed back to the car, hiring a trolley along the way to transport the rest of our things, and set about making a much needed cooked breakfast before heading into the main arena. We made a beeline for the kids field, where we spent the rest of the morning in the Alice in Wonderland themed field, making music, crafting and watching hilariously funny performances from the excellent Flying Seagull Project also a brilliant charity. I've never really had the excuse to go and hang out in the kids field before, but I'm so very glad I did! There's so much going on and to do, I'm kind of jealous I'm not a kid anymore! 

We spent the morning hanging out then went to explore the rest of the site, making camp by the main stage and exploring the beautiful grounds. The weather held out and not a drop of rain fell on our heads, thank goodness.  

There's many more photos and memories so stay tuned! 


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