twenty- eight / fifty - two

It's still majorly quiet over these parts, and what a busy week we've had! We spent the time packing up our old house and moving over the the half started/finished new house, in hot sticky weather. 

This one has embraced the move, his new bedroom and all the change thrust upon him. With no tv or internet in the house, we've been taking advantage of our enforced screen free time to hang out without any distractions. It's refreshing, and whilst we won't get rid of the tv altogether it has made me realise how much we don't need it (obvs an episode of go diego go here and there whilst I shower is useful!)

We're off on a well deserved holiday next week up in the delightful wilds of Scotland, so it will remain rather quiet around here still. August is looking like an exciting month, with London visits and our first family festival to Greenman! But I can't wait to share our adventures and house journey with you all! 


  1. Lovely pic of Theo and looking forward to catching up soon. x


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