Postcards from Barcelona (3)

So a month has flown by since we visited the fair city of Barcelona, and even though there's still a few fair bits to share, it's been lovely to look back and revive the memory of certain days as they all start to blur into one. Every day since we returned Theo has without fail asked me "remember when we went on the airplane?", often asking friends and family too. I think it will probably remain the highlight of his year! 

So after a busy weekend seeing the delights the streets of Barcelona had to offer us we had a lazy morning spent visiting the local park before setting off back out into the city. We took the tram, or as it was to be known as the "trampa" for the remainder of the trip, into the city. We didn't have too much of a plan, just to visit a park that we've visited many times before and walk and take it all in. We alighted the tram by the zoo and wandered around the Parc de la Ciutadella, a beautiful 19th Century park. After a foggy morning the sun broke through the clouds, and we spontaneously decided to take a little boat out on the small lake for half an hour. It may have been a little of a touristy thing to do, but we couldn't hide away from being a tourist the entire trip, and 6€ was a small price for a lot of excitement. My sister was on strict instructions to go no where near the paddles, as her and vehicles/mobile things and water do not bode well! We spotted birds and turtles and travelled round a few times before returning the boat.

We spotted a play park where we sheltered from the hot afternoon sun whilst Theo provided us with imaginary ice creams to keep us cool. We strolled around the rest of the park, taking the magnificent buildings of the museum and government buildings. 

We left the park in search of real ice cream and wondered over to an old favourite district of El Born...more of which I shall share later! 


  1. Ah I love those photos of you on the boat :) x

  2. looks beautiful! I'm longing to go back to spain now x

  3. you're really making me want to go to barcelona!

  4. wow Wilf would have loved that wolly mammoth! x

  5. How amazing is that Wolly Mammouth! These photos are really making me want to visit Barcelona again!

    Laura x

  6. This sounds like a perfect day in Barcelona, you're making me want to go visit! x

  7. This looks's been years since I visited Barcelona and I would love to go back.


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