Windmill Hill city farm

On what we thought was going to be a wet and dreary day, a friend and I set out on a mini adventure regardless. We discovered at the end of the summer last year how easy it was to get the train over to the other side of the city.

So we met at the station and travelled the short distance on the train down to Bedminster, stopping to look at the big station on our way through. Once in Bedminster we took a short walk and arrived at the City Farm.

When we arrived we set about exploring the animals in the courtyard, peeking into enclosures and discovering all the different animals.

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Once they'd finished terrorising stroking the goats we had a wonder around the gardens trying to find insects and different flowers.

There are more animals and pens hidden away around the back of the farm, so we had fun hunting them out.

We found a perfect stop for a picnic, tucked away from the main areas surrounded by beautiful flowers! 

After lunch we went for a potter around the charity shops before stopping back at the farm for a play in the adventure playground. The sun made an appearance and we soaked up its rays before heading back on the train with three very tired out little boys! 


  1. Oh my gosh! Their faces when blowing bubbles :) That place looks wonderful and it makes it much more amazing of an adventure that they got to go by train :) My girls LOVE going to the next town by train x

  2. We haven't been to Windmill Hill City Farm in awhile and this makes me realise how much we need to get back - it looks like a lovely trip out - love those little blue flowers too!

  3. That looks a great adventure. Love the pictures of them blowing bubbles very cute . Thank you for sharing x

  4. it's great being so close to that station isn't it! I must take W one day! x

  5. aw, this looks so fun and lovely. love that goat photo!

  6. I've heard quite a lot of people talk about this place, looks great! x

  7. We love heading down to the city farm it's so much fun. love that they were getting stuck in and chasing bubbles. x

  8. great photos - what a great place for a day out!


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