I have more exciting news! Theo and I are going on a little holiday to sunny Spain next week to visit my sister in Barcelona. We haven't visited since Theo was just 5 months old (look how tiny he is!) and what with all everything that has been going on recently, mixed with my serious bad case of itchy feet, I felt it would be good to have a little break. Rob sadly isn't coming with us, so it will just be Theo and I on the flight. I'm slightly anxious about how I'm going to cope on my own, but it's a fairly short flight and Theo is oh so excited to be going on a place!

Even though it won't be that hot yet in Barcelona I'm still excited for getting a little sun, dipping my toes in the Mediterranean and fully making the most of our little holiday!

Hopefully we'll get the chance to spend time on the beach, but I do always get super conscious of my English skin compared to all the beautifully tanned locals..whenever my sister and I visit the beach and strip off we imagine two beacons of blinding light emitting from our skin and blinding everyone in a mile radius! Let's just say we were not blessed with the type of skin that tans well! I do love the feeling and look of a healthy colour and tone to my skin though, but I just have to be super careful as it is so fair.

Here is a guest post with some good tips for creating a healthy looking holiday look, and perhaps feeling a little more confident on the beach!

Beach holiday preparation tips

Whether you’ve booked your summer holiday yet or not, it’s never too early to start preparations to get beautiful, glowing skin for the summer. With work deadlines and children to take care of, finding time in your daily routine may be a challenge, but take the time out now and you’ll reap the benefits come your holiday. Here are our top tips to get your skin in perfect condition for the beach.

The first preparation for your skin is to exfoliate. It’s a good idea to use exfoliate before hair removal and applying fake tan.. If you’re doing both, remove hair before applying a tan otherwise you might end up with an uneven finish. These are becoming more popular as people come to recognise the damage that the sun’s rays can do and also with the increasing range of new and innovative products on the market. From mousses to spray-on treatments and “instant” tans, there are products to suit every budget, convenience and colour preference. If you want to apply a one just before a holiday, it’s recommended that you try it out at least once beforehand so you can see the results. Top-up products and colour enhancers can help to even out the colour while you’re away.

Exfoliating can be done in the shower, with either a grainy salt or sugar scrub or a chemical exfoliant, and with the aid of a skin brush or mitt. Exfoliation has several benefits. It removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, which can build up and leave skin looking dull and lacklustre. Removal of these skin cells along with other debris means that they won’t become clogged in your pores, so exfoliation is also good prevention against pimples and acne breakouts. Exfoliation also stimulates the circulation to get blood flowing, delivering nutrients to the cells and helping to draw out toxins.

Other beauty preparations you might want to consider before your holiday include hair removal treatments and getting a manicure and pedicure. While shaving can be quick and convenient at home, on a two-week holiday it can become a little tiresome. Waxing is one alternative. A treatment lasts around six to eight weeks, which fits in well with the average beach trip. Laser treatment is another option, but it should be looked into well in advance of any holiday and can be quite costly.

 Manicures and pedicures will leave your hands and feet looking their best so don’t skimp in either of these areas. You want to have beautiful beach feet and sparkling toes for those summer sandals, after all! Treat your feet to a relaxing soak in warm water to soften the skin, before giving them an exfoliating rub with a salt scrub. Pay attention to your cuticles and oil your toenails before shaping them. Finish off with some long-lasting colour. You can then carry out a similar process on your hands and fingernails.

 To prepare your skin for the sun, you should also invest in a good quality sunscreen with a high SPF and moisturise regularly. You may need a more nourishing cream rather than a lotion if you find your skin becomes dry quickly. A pampering mask with humectants could be just the thing to pamper the delicate facial skin. Don’t neglect your lips – use a lip balm regularly as they don’t produce natural sebum to stay hydrated. And remember also to drink plenty of water – both at home and on the beach!

I'm counting down the days until we're there! 

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  1. Ah, have a great holiday! I wish you luck for the flight, I'm sure you'll be fine! x

  2. hope you have a great time, sure the flight will be fine x

  3. Have a lovely time!! Trips away are the great and that sea looks gorgeous!

  4. have a great time and wonderful pics! x

  5. I'm so excited for your little adventure, it's going to be amazing. Plus I can't wait to see your photos and Theo's face at the beach :) x

  6. Aw, he is so little there! Have a lovely holiday! :-) x

  7. Oh how exciting, I really can't wait to read your post about it and wow he ha grown soooo much!! I am sure you will be fine on the flight and like you said it's pretty short and what an adventure it will be for him! I love the beach prep tips.

    Laura x


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