a family walk : bradford - on - avon

After a miserable Saturday spent inside baking biscuits and working we couldn't have been happier to wake up to glorious sunshine on Sunday to spend our one family day together. We had a lazy morning pottering around the house and doing some much needed gardening...I mowed our lawn yeh! We packed up the car and headed over to Bradford on Avon to meet with my Dad and family who were in the area for the weekend.

Even the drive over the spectacular, and I don't think I will ever bore of the rolling hills and valley views as you climb the country roads between Bristol and Bath and towards Wiltshire.

We arrived and headed out on a walk, taking in the rows of sweet cottages, spring gardens in bloom and views over the town laid out below us.

Once again there's lots more photos after the break!

We made our way down the hill, weaving our way past houses all built in the traditional bath stone and slate roofs, some even dating back to the 17th Century. We stopped off at a sweet cafe for tea and cake in the garden.

We crossed the Avon and walked through the town across to the old Tithe barn and park.

We stayed by the barn for a while, taking in the surroundings, playing in the park, watching the trains go by and of course having a game or too of pooh sticks!

We decided to take a walk along the river and then the canal, for about a mile to a pub by the river. The oath was bustling with families on walks and bike rides, canal boats moored and navigating the water. Everyone was out and soaking up the warm Spring air, and it felt blissful to be part of.

We ate a lovely pub dinner, with a spot in the late afternoon sun right by the river bank sampling a few local ales and enjoying our time together. Luckily there is a small train station on the other side of the river, where you can flag down the passing train to take you the short distance back to Bradford on Avon. This saved us a long walk back and of course is always a bonus if we can fit in a train ride for a certain someone!
With my Dad, tutu, and his great, great Aunty and Uncle! 


  1. what a pretty place! looks like you had a lovely day x

  2. Wow what a beautiful part of the world - so pretty! Wonderful photos and I love your shades :)

    Laura x

  3. Such beautiful pictures! Last time we went we'd planned to go to the Victorian tea room but it was closed :(

  4. that photo of you and your dad is lovely! x


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