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This week we took our little classroom outside for a spot of scavenger hunting. We made a flying visit to my Mum's house to see my aunty who was visiting for the weekend and took advantage of the beautiful garden and all it's creatures.

We used a printout which you can find here and first talked about all the different things on the sheet, and did a spot of colouring before heading outside. I like the fact that you can do this hunt anywhere, meaning you don't necessarily have to trek to the woods to find nature and creepy crawlies, but the garden will do!

We rooted around the under the tree searching for leaves, listened to the birds singing and looked for berries.
We made sure we returned the creatures, and replaced their little hiding places before searching for more! 


  1. this looks fun, i loved doing stuff like this as a child :)

  2. This looks like such a fun activity, I'm definitely going to give this a try with E :) x

  3. Beautiful photographs, and a lovely activity. I'm a big montessori fan :)

  4. That looks fun and you founds lots! :-) x

  5. that printout looks great, my girls LOVE doing scavenger hunts!

  6. This is great I might try this on the downs, I might not look for woodlice though they creep me out x

  7. Oh how lovely - this print out looks like a lot of fun - going to check out the link now - such a simple pleasure and perfect for adventurous toddlers :)

    Laura x


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