style lust

There hasn't been a brand, designer or collection that has completely stolen my heart for a long while; one where I would definitely wear pretty much every piece of clothing they've made, until I saw the new White Pepper Spring '14 collection. I'm in love. I know it's a bit silly to be in love with clothes, but everything about them is perfect! The colours; the soft pinks and blues, navy's and creams, greys and corals. The patterns, fabrics and the cuts. If money were no object, and I had no conscience about being greedy I would buy all of it!

 It's not just the dressed that are making me swoon, the shoes are a little bit to die for too...

I'm not the best at wearing heels, seeing as I'm quite tall I haven't really had the practice, but these do look super comfy, even so I would probably need to invest in some gel heel inserts to relieve heel pressure  and maybe even some gel socks to soothe my tired, dry feet after stomping around all day! 

So yeh, thanks in advance to the person who buys me the whole collection! 

All images from the White Pepper Spring '14 Lookbook 


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