man oh man

Now I don't if it's because I'm getting old and am no longer a grungy teenager but more and more I have come to appreciate men dressing well, and looking a little bit dapper. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to well dressed men, with nice haircuts who may be a little on the handsome side, and quite a few pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, obviously. (Sorry Rob!)

 I know that Rob's taste in clothes has certainly changed over the years and he has moved away from just wearing a t shirt, jeans and trainers and now chooses shirts, proper trousers and boots. I absolutely loved what he wore for our wedding, a vintage tweed jacket and waistcoat, complete with tie pin (I think we'd been watching a lot of boardwalk empire at the time!)

We don't really buy that many new clothes, well he certainly less than me, and Rob has a bit of trouble finding trousers that fit him properly! Seeing as he's so tall it's quite difficult to find a pair of trousers like these nice slim mens diesel jeans that are the right cut and fit for him, and we've certainly learnt that sometimes you need to spend a little more money to get it. I bought Rob a new coat and jumper for Christmas, and I think that was the first new items he's had in a long while! I've been eyeing mens clothes from The White Pepper and the Weekend Offender clothing line too. But for now I'll just leave you with this beautiful man...


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