film friday

So this will hopefully become a regular feature where I can share our latest photographs taken in film! Hopefully they will become a bit more current as I am hopefully encouraged to take more and get around to developing a little more regularly. But I do love that about film, that a roll can last a good few months and when finally it gets developed it tells a little story of how the time has passed, where you have been and what may have changed. I like that photos can't be deleted and once burnt on the negative they will remain for ever.

As I mentioned in my New years resolution post I hope to share more memories or my travels, work and family life in the form of the photographs I took, and mostly on film. So stayed tuned!

But for now here is a look back to the Summer. As I sit here under two layers of duvet with cold hands I can nearly feel the warmth coming off these photographs, so I hope they warm you too!

From adventures to Cornwall, Castle Drogo, strawberry picking and to the farm. This was the first film put through our Olympus Trip, which is a fun little camera! 


  1. Love love love this look and suits your blog style perfectly :)

    1. Thank you! I hope I can keep it up, I do love using film!


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