bedroom drama

Now that Theo is dare I say it, fast approaching three years old, we have been thinking of updating his room a little.

A month or so ago we had to have a little change around of his furniture in his bedroom
because he kept on waking up in the night because he was scared. Previously his bed was against the outside wall of his room but he kept on mentioning that he was scared of the ghost that lived in the wall. He also once complained to the wall being really hot (it wasn't), and one of his bookshelves came off the wall (I was pretty freaked out to say the least!)

So we changed it around and it seems to be a little better (even though recently he's complained of a man fixing a train which scares him). But the change around made us realise that there's not much space in his bedroom to play. We really like the idea of getting a raised bed such as this Steens for kids High sleeper or the boys Steen midsleeper. I think Theo would love climbing into bed every night, and since he's been in a proper bed before he was two and such a good climber I'm not that worried about it being a bit high. It would be great to have that extra space below the bed for storage and a play area and maybe even eventually to convert into bunkbeds...

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  1. Some lovely inspirational bedrooms pics here, I bet Theo will love it x


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