a fresh start

This weekend we are having a little Theo free holiday as my Mum has taken him down to visit my sister for a few days. As much as I want to spend the time lazing around in bed we are in desperate need for a good sort out and tidy, so that is what we've been doing.

I went through Theo's toys, old clothes and room putting things in storage or sorting for the charity shop. It made me a little sad to find some tiny clothes, toys too young for him and the sweetest baby blankets. I just can't believe our soon to be three year old was ever that small!

We've also sat down to talk about some changes that we need to make. For example we've (in theory) dedication one or two evenings a week to no tv/technology so we can spend some time together, talking, reading or sorting out paper work and everything we don't seem to have time for. I find our evenings just slip away and we don't achieve a whole lot or even really spend that time together. So hopefully that's one thing we can work on. We don't tend to watch regular tv, but rather watch episodes of on going series we have recorded etc, but still it seems as though as soon as Theo goes to sleep we slump on the sofa and don't move until bedtime!

The other is an attempt to make a few changes in our diet. We are attempting to go gluten and dairy free for various reasons. Rob has problems with his ears so has been recommended to cut out dairy, I have wanted to cut down on my wheat and carb intake, as I hate the bloated feeling, and get regular headaches. I've read in a few places that gluten can have quite a big effect on children's behaviour and I want to trial and see if it makes a difference with Theo at all. So we decided to make a meal plan where we can know exactly what we're going to eat each week which will hopefully help us with our budgeting and keeping on top of our money a little better.

So far so good, and a fairly positive start to the new year for us. Lets just hope we can keep it up! 


  1. Good luck with your changes, and enjoy your Theo-free time! :) xxx

    1. Thank you! It's nice (and useful) to have a bit of a break!

  2. Happy New Year! Good luck with all your changes, I think we could do with a toddler free weekend as the paperwork and 'stuff' is just piling up!

    1. It is needed from time to time, we have a pile of stuff that never quite seems to get done! Happy new year to you too!


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