honeymoon blues

Now I haven't really written about our honeymoon (or the wedding for that matter!) on here at all and even though it was nice to have a break, the truth is is that we didn't have that good of a time.

Now you know me, I love a good holiday and an adventure and add a child free week to that and we should have been laughing right? Wrong!

We booked a last minute all inclusive deal to Tunisia, and even though it's not my usual cup of tea for a holiday (I much prefer exploring browsing in shops, galleries and cafe hanging, or taking in beautiful views, going on walks and discovering the landscape) I thought it would at least be relaxing after the hectic few months we had in the build up to the wedding. In hindsight we should have taken more time to really think about where we wanted to go, and researched the hotel a little bit more because to say we were disappointed was an understatement!

A honeymoon is supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip away, one you'll treasure and want to remember for the rest of your life, not one that you wish was over and never want to think about again! I know I sound a bit ungrateful that we had the chance to go away somewhere abroad as there are so many people who don't have the chance, but I just wished we hadn't have bothered! I wish we'd just stayed in the UK or closer to home or just found a place that was really perfect. If I were to go on an all inclusive holiday again I would want to know the resort we were going to was a great one and that we'd book with someone other than Thompson.

I also want more from a holiday! Sitting around by the pool is nice for a day or two, but after that I need more structure, I find it hard to relax. I would love to take the opportunity to do some classes or visit a spa and experience the local culture a little more.

So our honeymoon was a bit of a disaster and we would love to be able to take a holiday where we could actually enjoy ourselves, eat good food (the food at our hotel was one of the reasons we had such a terrible time!) take part in great activities (again another big reason we had a rubbish time!) that we wouldn't be able to try at home and have lots of fun! I would love to be able to take Theo along too and know that he could be very well catered for. I don't want my only experience of all inclusive holidays to be tainted by this one bad experience, and I know that I don't want to remember our honey moon as a miserable week spent wishing we were somewhere else!

This is why I would absolutely love the opportunity of becoming a Mark Warner holiday ambassador, having a chance to go on a Mark Warner holiday would mean so much to us as a couple and of course as a family. Last year when we took part in the Active family month we were so inspired (and hopefully inspired some of you!) to get out and be active as a family and spend some proper quality time together. Being given the chance to go somewhere new and exciting as a family where we could try our hand at new activities and perhaps learn some new skills would be something we wouldn't want to end or forget quickly!

But for now our next few holidays are going to be closer to home, and after our amazing holiday to Cornwall last year we just want to explore and discover more great places. Taking a break from our normal routine and spending quality time together as a family are really important to us, and I know for my own sanity I need to go adventuring quite a lot of the time! I can't wait for Theo to build up great memories of our holidays, and even if that means just spending a week in a tent in Wales or Cornwall then so be it. We would of course jump at the chance of taking a once in a lifetime holiday though and I know it would be throughly enjoyed by all of us.

So here's hoping I get whisked away on some surprise anniversary trip to Paris next year (hint hint!) or that we are lucky enough to become a Mark Warner ambassador to make up for our terrible terrible honeymoon!

This is NOT a sponsored post, but written in support of becoming a #markwarnermum


  1. Out of all the holidays we have taken our Tunisian one was the worst. I hated it, we were in the middle of nowhere, the beach was a metre deep in seaweed due to a storm the previous week, we were hassled in the shopping area. We went on a yellow submarine trip just the 2 of us, while miles out to sea the 2 crewmen asked us for more money to take us back to shore. I would never go back.


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