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So I have become slightly obsessed with all things glittery and glitzy recently. Well thats a little bit of a lie, I have always been a little bit in love with the glitz and went through a stage of finding the most outrageous sequinned, jewelled and beaded blinging 80's tops and jackets back when I was in college (and back when there were no such things as 'vintage' sections in charity shops!) I wonder what has
become of my collection actually?

Anyway, already I'm getting sidetracked by glitter...I recently started a little pinterest board to collect all my glitter loves and I thought now would be the perfect time to share a little glitter crafting with you.

When I was searching for shoes for the wedding I couldn't really find anything that was perfect. I wanted something classic and vintage styled, but with a little bit of character and not too high or strappy. So after searching high and low in the end I decided that customising would be the best bet. I found a lovely pair of shoes in good old M&S which seemed to fit the bill, and for a bargain of £20 too. I then bought a few supplies (or raided Theo's craft box) such as PVA glue and some gold glitter. I think I had seen something similar in Topshop, but they were all too high and too expensive.

So here is my simple step by step guide of how to add a little glitz to some shoes, which would be great for the party season too!

You will need:

A pair of shoes of your choice
PVA Glue
Loose glitter (large particles)
Spray adhesive or varnish
Small paintbrush

NB It is advisable to protect the rest of the fabric of the shoe when glueing and especially when spraying. Always spray in a well ventilated (preferably outside) area and leave to dry well before touching or wearing. It's worth giving them a final touch up for any missed bits, and shake off any excess glitter before finally spraying with varnish/adhesive. A damp sponge can be used to remove any glitter from unwanted areas. You can obviously paint whichever areas you wish, be it heel, toe or just the underside, my shoes obviously had a area which was already different from the main fabric of the shoe which made making the shoes match easier.

I was really happy with the way they turned out and I'm pleased to say that they survived being worn all day and I got lots of compliments!


  1. I LOVE this.

    So so so pretty and such a perfect idea, xxx

  2. Where's the credit for my handy work ;)

  3. I glittered some boot heels once. So fun to do and who can resist a bit of sparkle right?


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