through the seasons

As I get older and my memories from childhood get further away I start to remember things not in specific events but as general feelings and things that spark my memory through my senses. I realised that certain seasons and months make me remember different stages of growing up and with that the associations are formed with my memories.

For me even though I have fond memories of being a child in Summer, of the seemingly endless warm sunny days, trips to the beach, holidays in french campsites and playing in the paddling pool in the garden I associate summer with being older, and teenager. Where we used to spend all day hanging out at 'the tree' and making bonfires as the night drew in and have parties where everyone gathered together. We'd go to festivals, we'd have picnics and bbq's or we'd do nothing at all other than lay around on some grass. In my memory our summers lasted a long time and we somehow fitted in so much despite having no money.

I feel like spring time reminds me of the most recent me. It really is special to me as it symbolises changes and something I can only really come to terms with in my recent years. I look forward to it being upon us and I know that I will always look back on Spring time as the time when major changes happened in my life.

But this time of year is what makes me really remember being a child. The smell of bonfires in the air transports me back to helping my dad build his, climbing trees in the garden and feeling that first chill in the air. We'd go to bonfire night and have sparklers in the garden, we'd collect conkers and go for walks wearing our coats zipped right up and gloves for the first time. The excitement of Christmas would start creeping up and we'd decorate the house.

I guess now that Theo is hear I can remember these things more vividly, as I'm seeing them through his eyes, but it just seems there is so much about this time of year that transports me back to being a child with him. There's so much I want him to see and make memories of too and that just excites me so much! 


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