out and about : Clevedon

This weekend we decided to try and do something together as a family. Sometimes the weeks fly by and you realise without meaning to that you haven't actually spent any real time together. We wanted to do something new, and of course not costing much money so we decided to take a trip to Clevedon with the intention of visiting a National Trust, but ending up just spending a few hours at the beach and walking the pier.

We climbed over the rocky beach, walked down the jetty, looked in rock pools, spied Wales across the water and made our way down the pier to the pavilion at the end for a bit of shelter from the weather. There's something about the seaside in the colder months, it's just so refreshing, open and a bit wild. I love that feeling of being a bit windswept and huddling in a cafe with cold noses and wrapping your freezing hands around a cup of tea.

The rain held off luckily, but the wind was ridiculous, at one point I was genuinely worried that Theo was going to be picked up by a gust of wind and thrown over the edge of the pier! True story...


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