conversations with theo

Recently we've been having some pretty good conversations with Theo. I really love having this little insight into his imagination and memory, and only wish I could record them all!

Just today we were driving along in the car and Theo started to say that someone was called 'O'

Me: Who's called O Theo?
Theo: The dolphin
m: The dolphin is called O? Is he your friend?
T: Yes, he's my friend
m: Where did you meet him?
T: In the water
m: In the sea over there (pointing as we were driving along the coast in Devon)
T: Yes
m: How did you get there?
T: In a boat
m: Did you row?
T: Yes
m: What did you talk about? The weather?
T: Yes Mummy, its cloudy
m: Did you talk about your favourite food? What's the dolphins favourite food?
T: Umm yes, toast
m: What does he like on his toast?
T: Chocolate
m: Is Chocolate your favourite too?
T: No Mummy, I like butter.

The other day we had a full conversation about our wedding, and even though it was quite a while ago now he was able to list all the people he remembered there, riding on the big green bus (his personal highlight) what he ate and even what was in and what colour his party bag was.

He has funny little phrases that he comes out with such as "oh thank you Mummy that's really nice" when you give him something, or "oh that's perfect!", or holding up his hands and flapping them about saying "wait wait wait" before rushing off to get something to show you. If you ask him if he wants something he'll say "umm no thank you Mummy" or "umm I don't know". He will tell you about what he has eaten and that it's in his tummy, and does an excited squeal and proclaims that "mm it's yummy!". He say's "I'm scared" and when asked what of "the monsters..." Poor thing! He likes to tell us about his emotions, "I'm cross, sad, happy". He will cross his arms and scowl saying "hmpf I'm cross" he also likes to proclaim that he thinks he's pretty funny!

He has little conversations with his friends, and I often hear him asking if they are ok if they've fallen over, or when he wants them to listen or play something with him. I can't wait for them to start having even more full on conversations and making up their own little languages together.

It really is a fascinating stage and even though some of his pronunciation isn't perfect he can repeat and remember most words and phrases, remember words to songs and make up his own full sentences. I really do love hearing what's going on in his head and he's one observant little boy, there's not much that will get past him! 


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