you've got the love part five

Yikes so it's only a few days to the wedding, but there's just one time to fit in one more story! I'm very excited to introduce the lovely Jordan from a great new to me blog Berlin By the Bay . Thanks for much for sharing your beautiful wedding, and some very good advice!

Today marks three wonderful (and crazy) years of marriage to my husband, Ryan.  I am so very pleased to be celebrating our anniversary by posting on Abigail's blog today.  This opportunity has allowed me to reflect upon our memorable wedding day as well as the past three years of marriage.

Our wedding was truly one of perfection. Many will warn you that things will go wrong on the big day, and to just move forward. But I can honestly say that not one thing went awry the day we got married, and I feel incredibly fortunate for this!  Leading up to the big day, I spent many an hour making invites, designing the decor, crafting napkins, and planting succulents.  However, the final few days before the wedding, and especially the day of, those closest to me really worked miracles and made my vision a reality. It was truly my friends and family whom I have to thank for such a flawless wedding.

Here are a few small tidbits of advice I have to share based on my own personal experience as a bride and a newlywed:  
First off, as the bride-to-be, I learned never get married in the middle of a desert in September.  Yes, the hotels will tell you that it cools off by September and it will be the perfect temperature.  But let me tell you- it will not!  It will be sweltering hot, and most likely, you’ll be in a full length, silk gown, and you’ll be sweating buckets.  We got married in Palm Springs in late September, and it was nearly 120 degrees.  My makeup melted right off my face (ok, come to think of it, maybe this was the one thing that did go wrong on our wedding day). DON’T DO IT!!.
Secondly, remember to eat.  I swear every former bride, as well as your mother and friends, will give you this piece of advice. And for one reason or another, most of us will choose to ignore it (myself included). My husband and I only took one quick moment to shovel a taco down our throats, and then stupidly proceeded to wolf down shots of tequila.  It didn’t take long to feel pretty knackered in 100+ degree heat with little food in our systems! Take my word for it,  it is no fun waking up with a hangover the morning after your wedding.
Consider that two pieces of advice: eat and don’t drink too much alcohol.
Thirdly, hire a videographer.  We didn’t want to add another expense to the already tight budget, and I regret it still to this day. It is extremely hard to stay in the moment, but by having a video you can recall the experience, and or see something you failed to catch at the time. I would love to relive the moment my husband said his vows to me, or watch us walking hand in hand down the aisle as husband and wife for the first time. Your wedding day will be one big whirlwind, but it will forever be one of the most memorable days of your life. Believe me, you will want it captured on film.
Lastly, have the wedding of your dreams- without breaking the bank.  Make certain the wedding is a reflection of both of you as a couple.  Don’t have a ceremony that will please your grandmother if it is not your style;  or one where you invite every long lost relative for the sake of your mother- especially if you are paying for it!  Have a wedding that pleases you and your husband only, and STAY within your means.

Now, onto my advice as a newlywed (yes, I still consider us newlyweds even after three years of marriage).
My most important piece of advice is to show love for one another on a daily basis.  This can range from the most simple acts of love: such as leaving a post it note on the mirror saying, “I adore you,” to the more grand gesture (think John Cusack’s ghetto blaster moment in Say Anything).  It is far too easy to get caught up in the routine of everyday life, and forget to cherish your partner.   If you can remind your partner just how much they mean to you on a  daily basis, I swear your marriage will last forever.
Secondly, shut off all electronics for at least an hour every evening to enjoy one another’s company.  This piece of advice has recently become a new rule in our household, and let me tell you it is a marriage saver!  Having a husband who works for Apple, we tend to be electronically obsessed in our house, and have all devices running simultaneously throughout the day.  We are constantly glued to our phone, iPad, and computer and often go hours in the night without even talking to one another.  Put down your phone and actually converse with one another about your day.
Lastly, be intimate.  Enough said.

Special thanks to Abigail for allowing me to be a part of her series.  I wish you and Rob all the best and a lifetime of love.

Photo Credit: Jared Harrell


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