you've got the love part five

This week I'm excited to have the lovely Sarah sharing her gorgeous wedding pictures and giving some sound advice! And I have to agree...that dress? It's killer!  

We have been married four years. Just. We had our anniversary last week. I can't believe it is four years already. I think previously my longest relationship (which I thought was pretty major at the time) before Ben was four years. We were only 'dating' for about 3 years before that but I've known Ben since I was 18. That is another story though....

Marriage is good. It doesn't change much really, but then at the same time it changes everything. I don't think being married makes you stick together more, I think having a child does that. Marriage isn't easy, but then what really good relationship is? It does take work, and give and take, but eventually you find what works and hopefully that rhythm stays and just gets better and better in time.

Our wedding day was ace. Still without doubt one of the best days of my life. I'm envious Abbi you get to do it so soon. I would love to have our day again - if only to try and remember it more...and not because I was blind drunk, but just because it goes too damn fast.

We got married in Brighton and had a blast. We had lots of friends and family with us, and as we were still one of the first out of some of our friends to get married, we were sort of a novelty too! We tried not to go crazy with the budget and had lots of friends and family to help sort out flowers etc to keep costs low. I did the invites and my Dad printed them. 

I did splurge on my dress though. Oh man, that dress. It is silly really for one day, but it was just so beautiful. I wish I could wear it again. I think maybe we will have a party at 5 years just for the excuse to get it out again, I hope I can squeeze in it!

Thank you Abbi, it has been nice to write this brief post and have an excuse to look back at all the photos again. Oh how young we look, and how un-grey I was! Enjoy your day, try and step back from it all with Rob at one point to take it all in and see everyone enjoying your day. That was the advice I was given, and so I'm passing it to you. It goes by so quickly, try and pause it for yourselves. With love, Sarah x

Photos by Neil Walker


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