Since my last of the summer post we have quickly moved into a more autumn feel. Even though the days are still warm, even hot when the sun shines, we are being greeted with slightly chillier mornings and cooler evenings.

On Sunday we made the most of the lingering warm sun and did a spot of blackberry picking in lanes around our neighbourhood. On a walk the other day I picked up some cooking apples on the street from someone who was giving them away as they had an abundance on their tree, so of course our aim of the day was to make a apple and blackberry crumble.

We took it quite seriously, even bringing along a step ladder so we could reach the tallest juiciest ones, adding that to Rob's height we managed to get quite a few. In the next few weeks I'm sure there will be more popping up all over the place!

Theo got really into helping, sitting on Rob's shoulders and reaching for the best ones, as well as collecting them in the little pot and his mouth!
After a successful picking we came home, put the kettle on and made a crumble all together, and I'm happy to report that it was delicious!

I love simple family days spent this way, being outside, teaching Theo new things and enjoying spending the time together. 


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