children at weddings

I can understand why some people don't want children at their weddings, there's quite a lot to think about already when planning a wedding without having to worry what will keep the children happy and entertained, and dare I say it...quiet! I guess unless you have a massive field and games to run around in weddings aren't the funnest place for children, there's a lot of sitting around, waiting and being quiet at appropriate times. That list there is something I know Theo will struggle with, being the loud, uncontrollable crazy two year old that he is! Luckily he is our child so he won't really be ruining someone else's big day, but still I would prefer that he was happy and entertained!

We have a few other children attending too, with varying age ranges so I have been thinking about putting together a few little entertainment packs. As usual I have turned to the ever amazing Pinterest for my ideas as it never ceases to provide some sort of inspiration!

In the packs I like the idea of having some crayons and drawing pads for scribbling, a few sweets perhaps, bubbles, games and even a camera? At our street party the other day Theo got his face painted for the first time and all the children loved it so I thought it would be great to set up a little face painting station. Maybe someone can be roped into making some balloon animals, and maybe we could even set up a little cosy corner with some films on a laptop? Luckily the reception is in a church hall where they hold a play group so I'm sure we could borrow a few toys too.

But any advice on how to entertain the littles? Have you been to a wedding where they provided packs for children? Or have you made your own? What worked and what didn't?! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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