you've got the love part three!

I'm so very happy to welcome Ivana onto my blog today to talk about her wedding and marriage! I love this history of their wedding, and that dress..what a find!? I feel lucky to have a glimpse into their married life, what a utterly talented and cool couple! 

First things first, a huge congratulations to Abigail & Rob, what an exciting adventure you're about to set foot on!

Tim & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary just recently and I can't believe just how fast time has flown. Looking back, we were babies when we said our I do's, Tim 22 & myself 24. We married at Jesus College in Cambridge which is the same place Tim's parents & brother got married. Its a beautiful college with the most stunning little chapel. We tried to keep our wedding simple and as handmade as possible. Some of our favourite artists from the print studio we were working at the time very kindly designed our invites, service sheets & menus I did the flower arranging & button holes with friends & family. I was also very lucky to find my dress in a local Oxfam, maybe one day if I have a daughter I'll hand it down to her.

I hope this doesn't make everyone cringe, but from the start Tim & I were best pals and I think thats is where the secret lies, we tell each other absolutely everything and do everything we can to support one another in our careers. This usually comes down to him helping with the washing up at my supper clubs and me helping him prime canvas', hang shows, paint murals etc. We're a partnership & try to do as much together as we can (although maybe working together in the past was a little too much!). We love being involved in each others lives but have also learnt when to give each other space. Over the years we've learnt how important it is not to point score, ok, maybe I've learnt not to point score. Tim is pretty chilled but it can be so easy to start a fight when you feel like you're the only person who does the cooking/washing/food shopping etc. We've got a lot better recently at stepping up to the mark especially if one of us is going through a busy or tough patch at work and all it takes is a little appreciation to make it all worthwhile.

Finally, we have always lived by a little rule that my mum taught me which is to never go to bed on an argument. This has resulted in us staying up half the night on many an occasion talking things over but it works a treat and means we can start the next day on a clean slate.
Thank you Abbi for inviting me to share a little about our marriage & wedding. Tim & I wish you 3 a long, happy life together.


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