thirty-four / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013-

So late again, but better than not at all! This week has once again flown by, and I spent the weekend away from home at the hen do! But in between that we've managed to go on a few adventures with friends to let our children run wild and free. Theo certainly shows us more and more that he is an explorer and adventurer at heart, something which I love and will always encourage! He leads his little friends off on trails through the woods and undergrowth, climbing jumping and tumbling all over the place. He likes to survey his surroundings, going to the edges to check what's there and never looking back or hesitating. Something which is tough at times as he will just run and keep going, but I know he is happy so I try my hardest not to stop him going too far, that's not to mean it doesn't scare me half to death of when I loose sight of him for a few minutes...

Last week this sweet embrace made me smile, and reminded me so much of Theo and his daddy! 


  1. Every time I see a gorgeous black and white shot like this I find myself thinking "why don't I take more black and white shots". It's just so atmospheric and b&w really focuses the eye on the subject. In this case, your darling little Theo. x


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